Dating & Relationship Help!

Need help navigating Dating & Relationship world? There’s a Consultant for that!

Are you frustrated by your love life or lack thereof? You’re successful in other areas of your life, but when it comes to finding love, you end up frustrated and alone. Meeting and attracting the right partner can be tough, especially if it’s all online!

You’ve had enough “dating games.” You ready to get the relationship you deserve? contact me for a free consultation to see if Relationship Coaching is right for you!

Stress or Chronic Stress?


Are things in your life getting out of control? Daily hassles, work, commitments, money, family, friends, partner, sleep problems, appetite changes, low energy, life events… it all adds up, leaving you exhausted, sick and more stressed.

Everyone gets stressed from time to time, but if you’re experiencing high stress regularly over time, it may start affecting your physical health. Chronic Stress takes a toll on your body and brain which influences your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

If you’re tired of being tired or you’re looking to manage the stress in your life, contact me for a free consultation. Let’s see if Health Coaching is for you!