TRAININGS. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and work with others! I have and continue to provide trainings and workshops for schools, organizations and companies. Past training topics include: I specialize in stress & anger management, work efficiency & productivity, substance use/abuse, grief/loss, womens’ issues, health education, including sex & relationships and more!

COACHING (ONLINE). Need some inspiration and motivation but not wanting therapy? Coaching may be a better fit. Send me an email and we can figure it out 🙂

THERAPY (ONLINE). Starting therapy is a challenge all on its own! Finding the right time, place, therapist… I provide genuine, empathetic and supportive therapy to help you empower, motivate and self-manage the changes you want and concerns you don’t. It may seem daunting, but you’ve taken the first step by visiting my website. So, if you want to take back control of your life, then contact me. Please note: I do NOT accept insurance (self-pay only) and my practice is online therapy ONLY.

If you’re ready to start coaching or therapy online now, then I’m ready to help you now! CLICK HERE to find me on the Breakthrough Behavioral network!